About Namma Cycle Initiative


NAMMA CYCLE is a public bicycling initiative in Bangalore with the aim of increasing connectivity and creating environmentally friendly modes of public transportation. The name is inspired from  ‘namma’, which means ‘ours’ in Kannada, and signifies the concept of shared ownership.

A pilot initiative at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore with 150 cycles sponsored by TI Cycles India, part of the Muruguppan Group based out of Chennai, and 4 bicycle station racks sponsored by BCIL, a biodiversity company based in Bangalore will soon be expanded to include more bicycles, stations and a wider area.

Other partners in this initiative are Ashwin Mahesh, a public policy professor at IIM, Bangalore, and the CEO of Mapunity; EMBARQ India, a non-profit that helps implement sustainable urban mobility solutions; Gubbi Labs, a private research collective; and CiSTUP, a centre of advanced research and training in transportation engineering. Ashwin Mahesh has been instrumental in getting several sponsors on board. Sanjay Sridhar and others from EMBARQ India have contributed expertise towards implementing the project. Gubbi Labs built the software for the system, which will soon be free and open source to make it easily replicable for similar programmes around the country. Professor Sitaram, Chairman, CiSTUP, is also the chairman of the NAMMA CYCLE board and has been the liaison between the project and the institute.

The project works on a simple Sign-Up, Select, Ride and Return system where students can sign-up via the website and get a registration ID, select a cycle from any of the station racks, ride the cycle to their destination and return it to the nearest station.

Based on the success of the pilot, the project will be expanded to a 2km radius around the campus to students and faculty living in the area. This then has the potential to grow into a wider network, which would involve greater partnerships with the local municipal authorities to improve road infrastructure for cyclists.



About Ride-A-Cycle Foundation

Ride-A-Cycle Foundation is a Non Profit NGO that wants to encourage cycling – as a form of recreation, sport and as a means to commute to work. Ride-A-Cycle Foundation will lobby for the rights of cyclists and for laws that offer protection to cyclists through dedicated cycling lanes as well as through support for safety regulations. We hope to work with the government administration to bring about change aimed at encouraging cycling in our cities. Web Address : www.rideacycle.org

It is also active in initiating several projects for the city of Bangalore. The Madiwala Cycle Track Project, the Jayanagar Bicycle Friendly Streets Project and Cycle Parking Stands at critical centers are couple of projects which we are currently working on with the Government.

Ride-A-Cycle Foundation had also organized the Cycle Festival at Mysore during Mysore Dasara 2009/2010 celebrations. About 5000 kids participated in the event. We had also organized a special children’s day highlighting the issues of mobility of kids in urban spaces along with the Transport Department, Government of Karnataka.

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