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I was a senior in high school when I started dating Nate, who was also a senior and one of backstreet porn the stars of our school’s football and basketball teams. Since we usually went out after he was done with practice, he would often go to his house an hour or so early to wait for him to come home and take a shower.

It was just Nate and his dad, so he would usually pass the time by watching TV, playing pool, or just chatting with Mike while we waited for Nate to get home. The strange thing was that Mike always seemed to be in his underwear when I arrived. He worked as an auto mechanic at a local shop, stripping off his clothes as soon as he got home each day, spending the rest of the night in his boxer shorts…and sometimes a T-shirt…regardless of whether it happened or not. be visiting
One day about two months after I started dating Nate, I showed up at his house while he was still at practice, like he usually did, and Mike answered the door when I knocked.
He smiled and said, “Hey, Donna…come in,” as he stepped aside so I could enter. We exchanged hugs, then I followed him into the family room where we normally watched TV until Nate got home. Just like the other times he had come over, Mike was in his underpants and a t-shirt, so everything seemed pretty normal.
As we watched whatever movie was on the subway, I couldn’t help but notice that Mike kept looking at me. I smiled to myself and blushed a little when I realized he was checking out my breasts. It made sense: I was an attractive brunette…about 5’5″, with a nice body and 34E boobs…and she didn’t wear a bra. I hardly ever wore a bra because I liked the feel of my breasts swaying and moving when I walked, and I enjoyed the attention I got from my nipples protruding from the top I was wearing.
That day I was wearing a tight tank top made of a light cotton fabric and, without a bra, my areolas were almost visible through the thin material and my nipple bulges were obvious. Mike was having a hard time keeping his eyes on the TV, and after the third or fourth time I caught him looking at my breasts, he smiled sheepishly at me and suggested we play pool in the den while we waited for Nate. to get home.
Still smiling at the dilemma I was creating for him, I said, “Sure, Mike,” and followed him to the pool table.
As he leaned down to place the pool balls, I noticed that he was making a tent in his boxer shorts. Trying not to be obvious, I couldn’t help but check on the fact that he was clearly having a boner, probably by seeing my jiggling boobs and protruding nipples. As he stood up after jerking off the balls, I could see that his penis was hanging off the leg of his boxers and, as he began to harden, he was creating a fairly clear outline of his shaft in his shorts. . It was an impressive sight…his penis seemed to be about 8″ long and quite thick…and he was pretty sure it wasn’t fully erect yet.
He caught me looking at the bulk of him and, when our eyes met, he nodded slightly and gave me another smile… this one seemed more conniving than shy.
I smiled and looked away, and we started casually playing pool… chatting amiably and trying to keep our eyes off each other’s lumps and bumps, but not doing a very good job.
After about ten minutes, it was my turn to shoot and I decided to try a bank shot. I took a look at Mike’s crotch…where his fully swollen cock was clearly pressing against the restrictive fabric of his boxers…and asked if he could help me figure out how to position my shot.
He said, “Sure, Donna…here, let me show you.” He stepped behind me and leaned into my back as I leaned over the pool table. I could feel his hard cock rubbing against my ass as he placed his hands close to mine on the pool stick.
Behind my left ear, he said, “If you aim for that little diamond with the cue ball, it should hit your ball right into the corner pocket… go ahead and try it.”
As he removed his hands from my pool cue so he could disStopping, he slipped one hand around my waist and used the other to gently massage one of my breasts, finding my firm nipple with his fingers as he did so. At the same time, he pressed his hips forward, rubbing his stiff shaft against my buttocks in a smooth rocking motion.
Feeling his cock against my ass and his fingers pressing into my breasts, I smiled to myself and took my chance…and I did. I could tell that he was enjoying the sensations of his hands on my tits and the stiff rod of him pushing against my butt, so I didn’t move after my stroke for a few seconds as he continued to slam his erection against me. butt from behind.
I laughed and…still leaned over the pool table…looked over my shoulder and said, “It worked Mike…looks like he’s pretty good at this.”
He chuckled and replied, “No… you just have to let the stick do the work.”
Since I wasn’t trying to get away from him, Mike thought he had the green light and started touching my boobs more aggressively. With one hand still squeezing one of my breasts, he used the other hand to reach between us and pull my panties down to my knees, then he lifted my skirt up over my lower back. He then pulled his fully erect penis out of his boxers, stroking it several times as he bounced the tip against my bare buttocks, before any porn sliding it up and down the crack of my pussy.
Mike groaned and said, “Wow, Donna, you’re soaking wet. Guess all these sticks and balls got to you, huh?
I laughed and replied, “Yeah, let’s see what you can do with that stick,” as I smeared my vaginal juices onto the tip of his penis, then slid them into my vagina…slowly at first, but then faster to as it progressed. he pushed it deeper into me.
My God, it felt good!
He was about the same length as Nate, but a bit thicker, and his cock was hitting all the right places inside my pussy in this position… I was still bent over the pool table, propped up on my elbows, my thighs pressed together. against the cushions and my heavy breasts swaying freely beneath me. Mike had pulled my tank top up past my breasts so he could fondle my boobs and pinch my nipples while he continued to pound me from behind.
I’m not sure why he had me so nervous, but his cock felt fantastic. I closed my eyes and threw my head back, moaning as a delicious orgasm ripped through my body. With his ball sack slamming against my clit with each thrust, and his fingers pinching my nipples, I felt a second climax follow close behind the first…it was a bit smaller, but it still felt wonderful.
I moaned and muttered as my orgasms washed over me, “Oh my god I’m cumming…aaaahhhhh….aaaahhhhh…holy shit, that feels amazing…hmmmm…uhnnn…uhnnn…yeah…yeah ….just like that….shit, I’m cumming again….aaaahhhh….fuck, yessssss……aaaahhhhh.”
I laid my head on the felt of the pool table as I enjoyed my two orgasms, while Mike xhamster porn continued to bang behind me. I could hear his breathing start to catch, then he grabbed my hips and slammed his cock as deep into my pussy as he could and shot several strings of cum into my pussy, moaning and grunting as he did so.
“Oh yeah….uhnnn….uhnnnn….yeah…yeah….ooohhhhhhh….aaaahhhhhh….God, yesssss….hmmmmm…”
He slowed down, but he continued to slide his penis in and out of my pussy as the last spurts of cum came from the tip of his penis against the walls of my pussy. When he had emptied his sack of nuts, he flopped onto my back and we rested there on the pool table… his cock was still stuck inside my pussy, and my tits were squashed against the felt material below me. .as we both caught our breath.
Suddenly we heard the front door open and Nate yelled, “I’m home, Dad. I see Donna’s car outside, so I’m guessing she’s already here?
Mike and I jumped off the pool table and quickly rearranged our clothes… Pulling my tank top down over my sexy xxx exposed breasts, pulling up my panties and adjusting my skirt, while Mike put his cock in now limp inside. the boxers of him.
I ran into the foyer and wrapped my arms around Nate’s neck, followed by a big “welcome home” kiss. I could feel some of Mike’s cum dripping down my inner thighs, and I just hoped it didn’t become obvious.
I said, “Hey babe…how was practice?”
Nate said, “It was good… I’m a little beat up. But it was good.” Then he pulled me back at arm’s length, looked me up and down, his eyes landing squarely on the bulges my nipples were making on my tank top, and said, “Wow, you look great. I love that outfit on you.
ANDMike had walked around from the den to the living room before walking up to the two of us, patting his son on the shoulder and saying, “Hey, Nate…hard training today?”
Nate said, “Hey Dad… yeah, lots of tackling drills.” Then he turned to me, kissed me on the lips and said, “I’m going to run upstairs to take a shower. I should only be a few minutes, then I’m all yours.
After Nate walked up the stairs, Mike and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows.
“Shit, that was close,” I told him.
Mike nodded and said, “Yes, but I have to say…it’s worth it.” He reached out with both hands and gently massaged ixnxx my two boobs, adding, “I’ve wanted to grab them since the first day I saw you.”
Blushing a little, I reached out to squeeze his penis through his boxers and said, “Well, this was more than I bargained for, but… I agree… it was definitely worth it.” .
He pointed me to the downstairs bathroom where I cleaned up and put on my makeup for my date with Nate.
My date with Nate was great… he got a blowjob on the way to the restaurant, and for dessert… he fucked me in the backseat of his car, with me straddling his lap, bouncing up and down on his stiff cock, while caressing my breasts and sucking on my nipples.
Two days later, Nate and I had plans after his practice, so I turned up at his house an hour early, thinking I’d spend some time with Mike while we waited for Nate to get home.
Mike opened the door… in his boxer shorts, as usual… and let me in. As we hugged “hello”, I felt one of his hands squeeze my buttock, while the other reached between us and touched one of them. my boobs. I smiled to myself, then pulled away a bit and said, “Why, Mike… what is this all about?”
I looked at his crotch and noticed that his penis was hanging out of the opening in the front of his briefs. He was already semi-hard, so it protruded from his body, with a gentle curve to the shaft and the head pointing toward the ground.
He said, “I was hoping you’d come early again…last time was amazing. I haven’t stopped thinking about it.”
I laughed and said, “Me too, Mike…I couldn’t miss another chance to get my hands on this bad boy.”
I reached down and gently stroked his penis, feeling it grow in my hand, as he took one tit in each hand and began to gently squeeze and pinch. That day he was wearing a short crop top made of stretchy lycra, which left nothing to the imagination. My nipples always seemed to be stiff and made big bulges in the thin, stretchy material. He also wore a light summer just indian porn skirt with a flared bottom and thong.
We were still standing in the lobby and, having rocked Mike’s expanding schlong for a while, he released my boobs and put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me to my knees and encouraging me to suck his cock. I didn’t need much encouragement…he had an impressive cock, and my mouth seemed to open automatically and draw the head of his shaft inside. I began to move my head from side to side on the rigid post of him and to run my tongue along the edge of the bulbous tip. At the same time, I used one hand to stroke his growing shaft, while the other stroked his dangling sack of nuts.
Once he was fully erect, I pulled his swollen cock out of my mouth…admired him for a few seconds as he continued to slide my hand up and down the gleaming shaft…then I stood up, smiled at him and headed into the living room. to be. …Pulling him by his stiff cock.
When we got to the living room, I let go of his cock and pulled my shirt up to my chin, freeing my breasts to bounce and jiggle as he dropped me onto the couch. Mike stood there watching me as he took off my panties, spread my legs wide, ran his fingers over my pussy lips to get them moist, and began rubbing my clit.
“Is this what you expected, Mike?” I purred.
Mike smiled, stripped off his boxers and climbed onto the couch, sliding between deutsche porn my legs and using one hand to guide his rock-hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. He rubbed the tip along my pussy lips a few times, then slid the head of his cock inside me and started pounding it back and forth, hitting my pussy like a piston.
My gosh, this felt amazing! I started to groan from the force of his thrusts and moan in pleasure as I felt a massive orgasm between my legs.
“Uhnnn….uhnnn….uhnnn….yeah….uhnnn…yeah….just like that….fuck yeah….OMG that feels good…. uhnn…. uhnnn… shit, I’m cumming….uhnnn…yeah….go ahead….ssssss….aaaahhhhhh….hmmmm….aaaahhhhh….yeah…..alright…”
Mike kept plowing my pussy, his eyes fixed on my heavy breasts that were swaying all over the place and bumping into each other ashit between my legs. Suddenly she grabbed both tits tightly and gave me an extra push with her cock, shoving it as far into me as it would go, before launching a huge load of cum into my pussy.
We rocked our hips together a few more times as he emptied the nut sack into my cunt, then lay on top of me… his still hard cock pushed deep into my vagina… as we both caught our breath. .
Fortunately, Nate didn’t interrupt us this time. After a few minutes I got out from under Mike and ran to the downstairs bathroom to clean up and fix my makeup. Mike cleaned up in the kitchen, stuffed his flaccid penis into his boxer shorts, then flopped onto the couch and turned on the television. I met him there after we finished in the bathroom, and we watched part of a sitcom while we waited for Nate to get home.
I dated Nate until we went off to different colleges the following fall, so he’d make a point of stopping by his house a little earlier whenever he had soccer or basketball practice. When I called, I knew his dad always answered the door in his boxer shorts…sometimes he already had a tent in his shorts and sometimes his semi-hard penis hung out of the opening in the front of his pants. underpants. . It didn’t really matter…within minutes his penis was rock hard and sliding in and out of my mouth or pussy.
Mike was pretty creative, too. He fucked me in the kitchen, on the couch, by the pool, bent over the pool table… Sometimes he fucked me standing by the front door as soon as I arrived.
As far as I know, Nate never noticed. He got a lot out of it every time we went on a date, so there was really no reason for him to be suspicious.

Yes that last year he was good. And I think my favorite part was waiting for Nate to get home from practice.

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My daughter’s horse ride – dad and daughter have fun(Incest, Oral Sex). Tue, 18 Oct 2022 16:28:06 +0000 Emma stood in front of her full-length mirror looking at her half-naked body. She was trying to decide whether or not she liked the new bra her mother had bought her today. At this young age, her Emma jumped right into a B cup bra, even though she had never worn a bra in her life. She had refused to this day to wear one. She was too tomboyish and the pink lace bra her mother had thrown at her this morning didn’t fit her usual style. However, the more she looked at him, the more she liked her.
She turned to the side to observe the effect. The silky soft lace cupped her white breasts and the pattern of hers made it look like she had fingers grasping her breasts from behind her. The low neckline of her bra barely covered her areolas and she could see her nipples peeking through the thin silk…an effect lasting from the first time she had laid the cold silk over her sensitive nipples. she. She reached up and shook one of them and gasped at the shivers that ran through her body. She laughed at her reaction and moved her hands down to take stock of the matching panties.
Her hands drummed on her firm, flat stomach as she turned her back to the mirror and looked over her shoulder to see the effect her panties had from behind. The light pink panties were silk with lace trim and the cut of the bikini accentuated her perfect little ass. They were absolutely feminine, she thought to herself as she turned back to the mirror. She ran her hands over the silk, loving the soft feel of the fabric. Her hand moved lower and she pushed the silk between her pussy lips and she rubbed the silk of her panties against the silky inside of her pussy. Her fingernail pierced the silk and brushed against her clit. Her eyes widened in amazement. She had never played with her pussy enough to know that her clit could give her such sensations. She smiled at herself in the mirror and saw the small mischievous gleam in her eyes. She decided that she would save that information for later and see where it led her.
She turned away from the mirror to try on the skirt her mother had bought with her underwear. Her mother had come into her room that morning and told her that it was time for her to start acting like a girl. No more dirty sweatshirts and jeans. She was going to start wearing a bra and trying on skirts. Emma at first resisted the idea, but when her mother promised her that she was the only way she would be treated as an adult, she agreed. She wanted more than anything for everyone to stop treating her like she was 5 years old and her mother knew it and she used it to get her daughter to drop her tomboyish attitude.
Emma put on her skirt and accompanying silk blouse and she turned to the mirror once more to judge her appearance. Her latina porn skirt was a little above her knee, but she flared out a bit, so that if she slanted down, she might reveal too much. She too would have to learn to sit on the damn things, she thought to herself.
Oh well, she told herself. “There’s no time like the present to practice.” She ran down the stairs to the living room and made her first attempt landing gracefully on the chair. She was not successful. Her wild dip in her Lazy-boy had lifted her skirt so her panties showed, and that just wouldn’t do it, she decided. She tried again and again and when she felt that she had finally mastered it, she turned on the television and was immediately absorbed by the basketball game on the screen.
Mike Green walked into the living room and a shocked smile spread across her face at the image in front of her. Her daughter was dressed in a pretty skirt and, if that wasn’t surprise enough, her little tomboy had her legs spread wide with one leg hanging over the Lazy-boy’s arm and the other dangling in front of her. He had a clear view of her daughter’s new panties. She shook her head and laughed at the scene. “If she were 20 years younger…” she said out loud.
Emma looked up and saw her father standing in the doorway. “If you were 20 years younger, which dad?”
Thinking fast, she walked around the couch and sat down, saying, “If I were 20 years younger, I’d show these guys how to really play basketball.”
Emma rolled her eyes, “Yeah sure, Dad. I’ve seen you play. The only thing you’d show these guys is how to limp off the court in great style.” She burst out laughing as a pillow flew into her face.
“Oh, and you have plenty of room to talk, don’t you, Miss Care Bear? How do you plan to play basketball in that cute pink skirt?” Mike joked.
Emma suddenly remembered her outfit and sat up straight in her chair and pulled her legs and skirt together, much to Mike’s dismay. She put a serious look on her face and said, “Dad, we need to talk. You can’t call me Care Bear anymore, okay? And you need to start treating me like an adult.”lto, or at least as a young girl. I am old enough now that I should no longer be treated like a child.”
She took all control of Mikel not to burst out laughing. He bit his lip to keep from smiling as he tried to deal with his daughter’s sudden claim to being an adult. “Yeah, I guess you’re not exactly a girl anymore, right?” he said as Emma nodded her head emphatically. “Your mom told me that she went to buy you a bra today. It seems to be working out fine.” She was joking, but the look of horror that crossed his face let her know that he was the only one who found it funny.
“DAD!” Emma yelled. “Don’t say things like that! Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed!”
Her red face could attest to that, he thought, but he tried to calm her down. “Ah, Care Bear, I’m just kidding. Besides, you can try to be as grown up as you want, but you’ll always be my daughter.” Another big smile crossed her face as she shook her head angrily. “As a matter of fact,” she said as she leaned over to the lazy boy and pushed her onto the sofa, “I bet I can still give you a ride, like when you were a baby.”
Emma laughed at this and accepted the challenge, “Okay man, but you’re just asking. I’m going to have to call the doctor to get you off the couch once I’m done with you.”
“You are in!” Mike said as he grabbed Emma and placed her in front of him on her knee. He immediately wrapped her legs around her thigh and held out her arms for balance. Her goal was to stay on her leg while he frantically tried to pull her off of her. He raised his eyebrows in defiance and said, “Giddy up Horsy!” and the ride began.
Mike lifted his foot off the floor and rested his arms on the sofa as he began to jog slowly with Emma on her leg. Emma bounced and laughed, desperately trying not to slide to the side of her leg. She moved her outstretched arms up and down frantically until she was sure her balance was good enough to hold onto her leg. She looked at him and arched an eyebrow, “Do you have all this old man?” Emma immediately saw the gleam of defiance in her father’s eyes, her body tensing in anticipation of a much more bumpy ride. She tightened her legs around her father’s thigh and concentrated once more on staying on her leg.
Mike heard the challenge in her daughter’s voice and decided it was time to show her what her father had in him. “Wait Care, this is going to get rough!” Immediately, Mike’s leg began to throb up and down with a frantic Emma on top of her. Emma squeezed her small bare thighs around her father’s thigh, but not enough that her strong blow didn’t send her sensitive panty-clad pussy slamming against her father’s muscular thigh. . She felt a sharp pang of pleasure shoot from her pussy to her breasts and she gasped in shock at the feel of it. Again, she slid hard up her thigh, this time she cried Indian Sexy out as the pleasure increased. Again and again she descended on her thigh, and again and again her fever of pleasure grew. She no longer focused on staying on her father’s leg. Her mind was only on the feelings running through her body.
Mike wasn’t paying attention to his daughter’s gasps. He was sweating trying to keep the constant movement of her legs. He was about to yell “uncle” when her eyes stared straight ahead and he noticed her daughter’s breasts bouncing madly inches from her face and mouth. His eyes widened as he looked at Emma’s breasts for the first time. He watched as she began to sweat even more, and her mouth began to water at the delicious sight. Her top button had come undone on her shirt and her cleavage appeared and reappeared with each bounce of her leg. There was no way she could stop this self-torture. She felt her harden as her eyes searched her nipples on her throbbing flesh. She found them nestled softly in her new bra. Nervously, her hands reached out and cupped Emma around her waist, high enough to slide her thumbs up and graze her aching nipples.
Emma squealed and her eyes widened as she felt her father’s thumbs on her nipples. Mike didn’t even notice. Her eyes were glassy with lust, she no longer knew where she was or who was on her leg. He continued to pound her hard thigh into her daughter’s pussy.
Emma couldn’t bear the agony any longer. Her outstretched hands reached down and grasped her father’s thigh. She began rubbing her pussy roughly up and down her thigh, the rough denim of her jeans causing a delicious friction on her smooth thighs. She bounces then rubs, bounces then rubs, all while her father’s thumbs incessantly rubbed heryour nipples. It didn’t last long before her mind exploded with her first orgasm. She pounded her pussy harder and harder, squeezing her pussy lips together and rubbing her swollen clit on her father’s leg.
“Uggggghhh, aaaagggh, ooohh my God!!!” Everything in her body tensed, she moaned through her teeth as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body.
Mike, startled from her daze by the sound of her daughter’s orgasm, watched in awe as her little girl arched her back and fucked her leg with all the energy of youth. Her semi-erect cock shot into her pants, growing to full size in seconds. He groaned as his daughter collapsed onto his chest, taking a deep breath and slowly coming back to earth. He stroked her hair as they both took in the situation.
“Oh my God, Dad! I’m so sorry! I don’t know what happened. I’ve never felt like this before in my life. I didn’t know it was going to happen. Don’t do it on purpose. Please don’t be mad.” She began to cry as the embarrassment and embarrassment of the moment washed over her.
“Shhh, Care Bear,” Mike said as he continued to stroke her hair. “Okay. It’s not your fault. I should have noticed you’re growing up. You didn’t do anything wrong. It’s perfectly natural to have these feelings, honey. We should talk though. Well, I should probably tell her about the birds and the bees, I guess.
Emma snorted and wiped her tears with his shirt, “N-no, it’s okay, daddy. I know. Mom told me. I never thought it would feel like this. You don’t hate me, do you?”
“Of course not, honey,” Mike took her daughter’s hand in his, laced her fingers through his and hugged her as she cried out in confusion. Desperate to make her feel better and try to explain that her feelings were natural, Mike finally confessed her own feelings: “Care Bear, it wasn’t just you, you know. I, well, I guess I got emotional too.” you touched me, and hell, honey, I shouldn’t have touched you like I did, but I couldn’t help it. As you can see, she was in the same boat as you.” He lifted her hand and kissed the back of it, trying to calm her down.
“Your daddy? Were you excited? Did you have the same feeling at the end as me?” Emma asked with wide eyes.
“Umm no, not really honey.”
“Why not?”
“Well, because I didn’t end up like you did. I’m wrong, I didn’t climax.”
“Why not daddy? Are you still excited like I was before we finished?”
“Well yes honey,” Mike moved his hips a little and Emma’s eyes widened as she realized how hard he was under her belly.
“Is that you dad?” she asked in amazement.
Mike chuckled, “Yeah honey, it’s me, and if you’re feeling alright now, I’m getting a little uncomfortable down there and I need to get up.”
Emma leaned back, intending to get up when she got an idea. She immediately leaned back and put the full weight of her body on her father’s stomach and chest.
“No daddy. You made me feel good, and now I have to make you feel good,” she said with perfect innocence. “What would make you feel good daddy?”
“Ohhh honey, please don’t rub me like that. You can’t make me feel good because it wouldn’t be right.”
“You mean I did something wrong when I felt good? Am I a bad person?” Tears filled Emma’s eyes again.
“Oh no, honey, that’s not what I meant. If I felt good, I might hurt you because once we started I wouldn’t be able to stop. Honey, you don’t want this old man taking your virginity. You deserve the best.”
Emma thought for a moment and looked at her father’s weathered face. Yes, she thought, he is old but he is the sweetest man in the world. She remembered the many nights they had spent playing basketball in the driveway, the times he had teased her for being her “her little boy” and how he had always been there every time she it was falling. Yes, she thought, this is the man I would let hurt me, if it gave him pleasure.
A determined Emma sat down again. Mike thought she would let him up and he leaned forward a little only to flinch and freeze at the sight of her daughter taking off her shirt. “Emma,” he tried to speak with fatherly sternness, “what do you think you’re doing?”
Emma looked him square in the eye as her hands reached behind her to grope for the clasps of her bra. A few seconds later, her arms slid forward, successfully, and her bra slid down her arms to rest on her father’s lap. “I’m giving my virginity to the only man who is worthy of her,” and she wrapped her arms around her father and kissed him with all her innocence.
Mike responded to the love he had seen in her daughter’s eyes and slipped her arms around her and began teaching her the art of kissing. He pulled away from her a bit and ran his tongue over her sweet lips, teasing her to for him. A few more minutes of nibbling at the corners of her mouth and she finally complied, opening her mouth to his invasion. Her tongue swept inside her, rubbing against her tongue, the roof of her mouth. Emma gasped a little at the new sensation and began to mimic her movements. She took another step forward and sucked on his tongue, shaking Mike to the core.
“Oh, care bear. You’re so sweet,” Mike moaned into her mouth as he moved her slowly onto her back on the sofa. Once her body moved away from her leg, Mike felt the cool breeze on her thigh, making him aware of the streak of wet denim clinging to her thigh. That his daughter was so wet and willing she had it t

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Namma Cycle in 2012 Mon, 28 Jan 2013 06:08:30 +0000 Namma Cycle left the year 2012 with over 3000 trips covering 4500 km. In the process, it prevented a tonne of CO2 emissions because 300 liters of petrol were not used, saving about 25,000 rupees.

Namma Cycle in numbers2012 - blog



Though the user base is quite small at the moment since over 2000 residents use their own cycles, the number of trips has seen an increasing trend as the concept of SHARING is catching on. 60% of all the trips were completed WITHIN 30 MINUTES, 40% of all trips were ENJOYED FOR FREE as members do not pay for the first half hour.

Our user base ranged from 14 year old students from near by schools who came to IISc for tuitions, to IISc veterans visiting IISc again along with the next generation of students. People used cycles not just to reach from one end of the campus to another, but made it a part of their exercise and also celebrations!

We had our share of excitement and celebrations as we went from one milestone to another. Shamala, a cyclist and “namma volunteer” has beautifully documented our journey so far in this article on Citizen Matters.

In 2013, we hope to cover more miles and reach new milestones with continued support from the community.



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Join us in creating the future of mobility Tue, 15 Jan 2013 09:53:41 +0000 Looking for a space to explore and experiment while you take time off?

Make your sabbatical exciting while you co-create a sustainable urban mobility program. The public bicycle sharing system at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore is a first step towards our vision of creating a working, sustainable model that can be replicated in campuses, small towns and even in cities.

‘Sharing’ our Vision of the next century

We have two opportunities that might interest you.

Creative Collaboration Executive

We are looking for someone who can mobilize resources to support our public bicycle sharing program at IISc.

You will have to seek grants and look out for partnerships and sponsorship to enable us to sustain, innovate and realize our vision. We desire to make the partnership with our collaborators meaningful by creating avenues for mutual benefit.

If you have ideas and models that could work, you are free to try them out here at our lab.

Experience in sales, fundraising, event management, entrepreneurial ventures, etc. is desired.

Cycle renting station
Proposed design for Cycle renting station

Program Manager

We are looking for someone who can run the flagship bicycle sharing program at IISc. The program at IISc is a working prototype which is constantly being subjected to new features and process changes as the system matures.

You will have to manage diverse teams including Operations, Software Development and Engineering Services. You will also have to interact with stake holders including Users of the system, Student Council, Faculty, Security, etc.

You will soon realize that it is quite an adventure.

Experience in event management, program management, entrepreneurial ventures, etc. is desired.

Contact us for further information

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Intern with Namma Cycle Mon, 07 Jan 2013 17:06:18 +0000 Namma Cycle is looking for interns interested in understanding the nuances of designing and creating public utilities, specifically in the area of Urban Mobility. It is also an opportunity to explore various frameworks such as social enterprise, co-operatives, self-help groups, etc. to build such systems.

Join us on an adventure called Public Bicycle Sharing that was conceptualized more than 3 years ago and launched in August 2012.


What kind of a person?

We are looking for an enthusiastic, cheerful and proactive person to manage the bicycle sharing program at the Indian Institute of Science campus, Bangalore. The program is being implemented by Ride A Cycle Foundation  in collaboration with the Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning (CiSTUP), IISc.

  • Candidates can be from any background – science, arts, engineering, etc.
  • A bachelor’s degree is desirable.
  • Proficiency in English and Kannada is expected.
  • Knowledge of computers and internet is assumed.
  • Knowledge of Software Development using Java, javascript, Android, etc. will be an advantage.

Knowing how to ride a bicycle is a must.

What are you expected to do?

Working on a prototype has its share of challenges. We are continuously innovating with technology and processes and our setup is akin to a research and development lab.

You will get into the thick of things managing operations, interacting with stakeholders, managing accounts and handling human resources and training. You will work with the operations team and provide feedback to the program team on day to day operations as well as deployment of new processes and systems.

What can you expect?

If you are thinking about money, we can pay you a stipend to cover your living expenses.

Apart from that, you will get to work in the beautiful, clean and green campus of IISc. IISc is bustling with many activities, talks and conferences throughout the year. Visits by dignitaries are common.

Just outside IISc is Malleshwaram, the cultural hub of Bangalore.

Contact us at for further information.

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Bicycle for Biodiversity Wed, 26 Dec 2012 11:06:38 +0000 Of all the developmental issues that are discussed at various events, seminars and competitions, the one aspect that actually brings people to such events  – Mobility – is often the most neglected.

IISc was the venue for the 2nd Indian Bio Diversity Congress (IBC) held in Bangalore from 9th December to 11th December 2012 and we at Namma Cycle were happy to have many participants and dignitaries at the Conference make good use of Namma Cycle to move around the campus.

We were honored to have two eminent people – Prof. R Sukumar and Ms. Malika Virdi get onto our cycles.

Prof. Sukumar happy to be on a bicycle after more than a decade
Prof. Sukumar happy to be on a bicycle after more than a decade

Murali was planning on meeting Prof. R Sukumar to discuss the acceptance and inclusion of Bicycle as an important factor for Bio Diversity, and there he was – resting at one of our Namma Cycle stations! Were we glad! We talked at length about the benefits of cycling and how people tend to stop cycling for various reasons. Prof. R Sukumar remarked that he hadn’t been on a cycle for more than 15 years and was happy to be able to cycle after such a long time, even it was for a few minutes.

Prof. R Sukumar, the working chairman of IBC 2012, is a Professor at the Center for Ecological Sciences at IISc. His work on Asian Elephants has been published into three books.

Malika Virdi with a bunch of happy kids on cycles
Malika Virdi with a bunch of happy kids on cycles


Serendipity struck again as Malika Virdi came down all the way from the Himalayas to participate in the Green Politics session at the Conference just when Lavanya was planning to visit her at her place.

As we went around the campus with Malika and Leo Saldana’s family, we made the mistake of asking her if she can cycle about 100 kms (may be to Mysore). She answered by saying she had cycled from Delhi to Bhopal!!

Malika Virdi is a mountain farmer and former Sarpanch of the Sarmoli-Jainti Van Panchayat in Munsiari, Uttarakhand – a beautiful place nestled in the Greater Himalaya. She was also part of the first All Women Trans-Himalayan trekking expedition in 1997.

Coming back to the Conference, Ride A Cycle Foundation appealed for Bicycle to be seen as an important factor for conserving Bio Diversity.

Here is the full text of the appeal.

Ride A Cycle Foundation sees an urgent need to reduce emissions from automobiles which are causing air and sound pollution and degradation of diverse life in the city. We believe bicycling as a means of commute will significantly reduce the damage to the natural environment and improve the health of human beings. Bicycle as a vehicle can integrate man back to nature and help him discover himself in totality with nature. Bicycle as a vehicle that moves in silence causes least disturbance to the life around and hence plays a pivotal role in conserving bio diversity. Bicycle as a Zero Emission Vehicle increases the vitality of the life around.

Keeping in mind the above points, Ride A Cycle Foundation appeals to the delegates and participants of IBC 2012 to conserve Bio Diversity by promoting Cycling.

We request The Indian Bio Diversity Congress to pass these resolutions to protect Bio Diversity specifically in Urban Landscapes.

 ·Strongly advocate creation of green infrastructure which will provide for resilient biodiversity with adequate and safe passage for pedestrians and cyclists.

·Request Colleges/Offices/Institutions/Hospitals/Corporates to Encourage cycling by forming cycling clubs, Bicycle User Groups (BUGs) and walking groups who will by their regular proactive action will commit to restoring and enhancing biodiversity in the city by their behavior.

·Ask local municipality to implement Public Bicycle Sharing in all Indian Cities, so that Bicycle becomes the most preferred vehicle of commute in the Indian Urban Landscape.



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Santa’s gift to our node managers Wed, 26 Dec 2012 06:42:56 +0000 Our Node Managers got an early Christmas present when they got the Android version of EcBike (pronounced “Easy Bike”) on their Samsung Chat mobile phones. EcBike is NammaCycle’s software system that supports the processes behind public bicycle sharing.

Deepak Shivamurthy, a good friend of Murali, became our Santa Claus as he developed a neat Android application for node managers. Our Node Managers now start and stop trips using a simple process that involves two steps. This is a big step for us in bringing the various pieces of our software and operations together.

Deepak with the application he developed
Deepak  (R) with the application he developed, along with Murali

The Android application on Samsung phone


After much deliberation and numerous tests on BSNL Penta tablets, we finally narrowed in on Samsung Chat as it has a keypad (our tryst with touch screen phones was exasperating and short-lived) and supports the latest Android version – Ice cream Sandwich.

If anyone is interested in adding more features to the application, please write to us at





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