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What is Namma Cycle ?

Namma Cycle is the  bicycle sharing system at the Campus of the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore.   The pilot initiative consists of four manned bicycle rental stations within the institute campus. These bicycles are available to students, staff and visitors, to commute within the campus. The project works on a simple Sign-Up, Select, Ride and Return system where students sign-up via the website, and get a registration ID, select a cycle from any of the station racks, ride the cycle to their destination and return it to the nearest station.

Bicycle sharing is an economical and convenient system to use bicycles for trips that are too far to walk, but too short to drive. The system is designed to encourage users to rent bicycles for all short trips. Unlimited free short rides are available once you register on the system. The first half hour of every ride is free.


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