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Namma cycle, as the name says, is a community driven bicycle sharing system. You can read more about it here .

The people who issue cycles are 18 year old youth who haven’t studied beyond 10th standard/PUC or are aspiring to study while they work. As part of their work, they need to speak in English and Hindi which they are not proficient in. Instead of spending time and money on learning these languages at conventional language learning centers, we would like volunteers to spend some time with them and teach simple sentences that will build their confidence.

Saturdays are a good time to come over to IISc where the bicycle sharing program is currently being run. We would prefer a time slot of 4 to 6 pm.

However, if any other time suits you better, you are welcome. We will be happy to thank your efforts with snacks and coffee.

Please send us an email with your contact details and date/time/language preferences to volunteer@nammacycle.in and we will get back to you.

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