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Looking for a space to explore and experiment while you take time off?

Make your sabbatical exciting while you co-create a sustainable urban mobility program. The public bicycle sharing system at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore is a first step towards our vision of creating a working, sustainable model that can be replicated in campuses, small towns and even in cities.


‘Sharing’ our Vision of the next century

We have two opportunities that might interest you.

Creative Collaboration Executive

We are looking for someone who can mobilize resources to support our public bicycle sharing program at IISc.

You will have to seek grants and look out for partnerships and sponsorship to enable us to sustain, innovate and realize our vision. We desire to make the partnership with our collaborators meaningful by creating avenues for mutual benefit.

If you have ideas and models that could work, you are free to try them out here at our lab.

Experience in sales, fundraising, event management, entrepreneurial ventures, etc. is desired.

Cycle renting station

Proposed design for Cycle renting station

Program Manager

We are looking for someone who can run the flagship bicycle sharing program at IISc. The program at IISc is a working prototype which is constantly being subjected to new features and process changes as the system matures.

You will have to manage diverse teams including Operations, Software Development and Engineering Services. You will also have to interact with stake holders including Users of the system, Student Council, Faculty, Security, etc.

You will soon realize that it is quite an adventure.

Experience in event management, program management, entrepreneurial ventures, etc. is desired.

Contact us contact@nammacycle.in for further information

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