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Why we need your collaboration ?

Clearly, given the business-as-usual scenario the outcomes are certainly not sustainable and thus the future appears bleak. Hence, this call for exploring and creating mechanisms that attempts to minimise the ecological damage through innovative and alternative mobility solutions in the urban context.

Easy, safe and convenient commuting Cycling is the most practical and convenient alternative for undertaking short trips apart from walking. The limited supply and coverage of public transport in urban areas has led to people embracing personalized motorised transport, which in turn has resulted in increased congestion along transportation networks, travel times, carbon emissions and a host of such negative externalities.

Benefits for Collaborators

  • An opportunity to facilitate your business, brand and commitments for promoting the sustainability vision of your organization to the student community.
  • Exposure to over 1,00,00 students from diverse backgrounds – as the Jnanabharathi area is the Educational Hub of South India.
  • Being the first Bicycle Sharing event of its kind, partners associating, by design will stand out as a pioneer & a leader in advancing the cause of Soft Mobility and Green Transport Solution in Indian Context.
  • An opportunity to be part of an exciting, innovative and original program.
  • An opportunity to showcase products, innovations and services that offer solutions to environmental issues.
  • An opportunity to make our city safer, cleaner and sustainable.
  • An opportunity to make your community healthy and more livable.

You can View the Collaboration Kit Here

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