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Namma Cycle left the year 2012 with over 3000 trips covering 4500 km. In the process, it prevented a tonne of CO2 emissions because 300 liters of petrol were not used, saving about 25,000 rupees.

Namma Cycle in numbers2012 - blog



Though the user base is quite small at the moment since over 2000 residents use their own cycles, the number of trips has seen an increasing trend as the concept of SHARING is catching on. 60% of all the trips were completed WITHIN 30 MINUTES, 40% of all trips were ENJOYED FOR FREE as members do not pay for the first half hour.

Our user base ranged from 14 year old students from near by schools who came to IISc for tuitions, to IISc veterans visiting IISc again along with the next generation of students. People used cycles not just to reach from one end of the campus to another, but made it a part of their exercise and also celebrations!

We had our share of excitement and celebrations as we went from one milestone to another. Shamala, a cyclist and “namma volunteer” has beautifully documented our journey so far in this article on Citizen Matters.

In 2013, we hope to cover more miles and reach new milestones with continued support from the community.



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