1.       What is Namma Cycle?
Namma Cycle is a community bicycle sharing system.

2.       What is bicycle sharing?
Bicycle sharing is an efficient system of using a common pool of bicycles to meet short commuting needs. Users pay a nominal charge as per pricing scheme that best suits them and use the shared bicycles whenever they want to make short trips.

3.       When do I rent the bicycle?
Whenever (initially between 7 am to 7 pm) you need to make trips on campus, you can rent the bicycle.

4.       How long can I use the bicycle?
You need to rent the bicycle only to make the trip. That is you need not keep the bicycle for the duration of the purpose of your trip. Purposes of the trip can be: attending classes; meeting advisors; having food at mess/canteen; meeting with friends; catching up at cafeteria; playing at Gymkhana; etc. Thus, you are encouraged not to keep the bicycle during the entire duration of activity / to complete the purpose of your trip but use the bicycles only to make the trip.

5.       Where do I pick the bicycles?
You can pick the bicycle from the nearest station of your starting point and drop it off at the closest station to your desired destination. Initially, there are 4 pick-and-drop stations:
Near IISc ATM / Security Gate
Near New Hostel Block – Next to A and B mess
In front of New Biosciences Division – near D-Gate
At Centenary Guest House
There is also a registration desk cum pick-and-drop station at CiSTUP near Circle Maramma entrance. See Map.

6.       How do I rent the bicycle?
First: Register online at: nammacycle.in à Select your renting scheme à Fill up all details à Get your id
Second: Visit the Registration desk at CiSTUP à Make the payment
Third: Go to nearest pick-and-drop stationà Mention your id à Rent a bicycle

7.       What if I am attending a class / meeting my professor / going to cafeteria / meeting my friends, do I need to keep the bicycle with me all through?
No. You need to rent the bicycle only to make the trip. You can rent another bicycle after you complete the activity for which you made the trip.

8.       What are the charges?
For resident users (Students, Faculty and Staff), you can:

a) Pay prepaid charge of Rs. 100 for 1 month / Rs. 500 for 6 months: rent the bicycle at no additional charge for first 30 minutes, unlimited number of times a day. In case you exceed 30 minutes you will be charged as per the fare chart.

b) Pay as you use (coming soon). Pay Rs. 5 for first 30 minutes and about Rs. 10 for every subsequent hour.

See detailed fare chart.

9.       I am a registered user, am I assured for a minimum number of trips during the duration?
Yes. We assure you at least 60 trips in a month.

10.   I am a registered user, what if I don’t find any bicycle for renting?
We assure you a bicycle whenever you come to the pick-and-drop station. However, in the event that other users like you have taken the bicycle, please stay / contact our node managers, they will help you to get one as soon as possible. You are also encouraged to mail / log your experience on nammacycle.in

11.   I am a visitor to the Institute. How can I use?
For short-term visitors, you can register for a monthly pre-paid charge of Rs. 100. Please visit Registration Desk at CiSTUP.

12.   I have a spare bicycle in good condition. Can I contribute to the common pool?
Excellent! Please get in touch with the Registration Desk. A team would ascertain the bicycle condition and on acceptance of the bicycle into the program you will avail special benefits.

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