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NAMMA CYCLE is priced for quick rides and short journeys. On registration, unlimited short rides are available during the membership period. The first 30 minutes of every ride is free; additional charges apply for rides that exceed 30 minutes.

Monthly passes, half-yearly passes, and pre-paid tickets are available.

For resident users (Students, Faculty and Staff), you can:

a) Pay prepaid charge of Rs. 100 for 1 month / Rs. 500 for 6 months: Rent the bicycle at no additional charge for first 30 minutes, unlimited number of times a day. In case you exceed 30 minutes you will be charged as per the fare chart shown below:

Fare Structure: Registered users

No. Time Charge
1. 0 – 30 mins No charge
2. 31 – 1 hr Rs.  5
3. Up to 2 hrs Rs. 10
4. each additional hour + Rs. 20

b) Pay as you use: Pay Rs. 5 for first 30 minutes and about Rs. 10 for every subsequent hour. See the fare chart below:

Fare Structure: Pay as you use

No. Time Charge
1. 0 – 30 mins Rs.  5
2. 31 – 60 mins Rs. 10
3. Up to 2 hrs Rs. 25
4. each additional hour + Rs. 20



Unreturned bicycles will be charged per day at Rs. 100 per day for the first 3 days; Rs. 500 for 6 days; and Rs. 1000 for over 7 days. Complaints for unreturned bicycles will be booked at the end of each week. Repeated defaulters will be banned from using the system in future.


Stolen Bicycles

Once a bicycle is checked out from a node and a transaction has been recorded, the user is responsible for the bicycle until the bicycle is returned to another node and the transaction has ended. If the bicycle is stolen before it is returned to a node, a replacement fee of Rs. 3000 will be charged.

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