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Terms and Conditions for access and use of Namma Cycle

Namma Cycle

Namma Cycle is a community bicycle sharing system. Bicycle sharing is an efficient system of using a common pool of bicycles to meet short commuting needs. Users pay a nominal charge as per pricing scheme that best suits them and use the shared bicycles whenever they want to make short trips.

Namma Cycle Board

RAC-F in consultation with the Namma Cycle Board will address operational and management issues amicably. The Namma Cycle Board consists of the Registrar, Indian Institute of Science and members from Center for infrastructure, Sustainable Transportation and Urban Planning (CISTUP), RAC-F, EMBARQ India, Centre for Product Design & Manufacturing, Gubbi Labs, Indian Institute of Science Student Council.

Your Consent

By using our service you consent to our terms and conditions and privacy policy. By using the service, you also consent to receive communication through SMS based on your usage of the services.

Registration and usage charges

Resident users can register by paying a prepaid charge of Rs. 100 for 1 month / Rs. 500 for 6 months. This registration allows the user to use a bicycle at no additional charge for first 30 minutes, unlimited number of times a day. In case you exceed 30 minutes you will be charged on an hourly basis. Unregistered users can use the services at an additional cost.

Availability of service

Bicycles will be available for use Monday through Saturday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. Institute holidays shall be applicable. Ride-a-Cycle Foundation reserves the rights to refuse service to anyone at any time.

Liability of User

By using the services offered under Namma Cycle program, you agree that you will use the service responsibly and will not damage the bicycle intentionally. Users are expected to take utmost care of the bicycles they rent. Unanticipated damage due to accidents should be immediately reported. Node managers are in-charge to ascertain the status of bicycles while returning the rented bicycles. In case, a user is recorded to have damaged more than twice, her/his membership will be forfeited.

By using the services offered under Namma Cycle program, you agree that you will pay the necessary charges for keeping bicycles for extended duration. Users who have not returned the bicycles will be charged Rs. 100 per day for the first 3 days; Rs. 500 for 6 days; and Rs. 1000 for 7 days. Complaints for unreturned bicycles will be booked at the end of each week. Repeated defaulters will be forfeited.

Once a bicycle is checked out from a node and a transaction has been recorded, the user is responsible for the bicycle until the bicycle is returned to another node and the transaction has ended. If the bicycle is stolen before it is returned to a node, a replacement fee of Rs. 3000 will be charged to the user.  Additionally, once you rent a bicycle, the transaction will be recorded in the system against your name/id. In case you do not return by the end of the day, you will receive alerts periodically and we will call you twice. In the event of no response and non-returning of the bicycle, action against concerned user will be initiated and attempt will be made to recover/locate the bicycle. Such defaulting user’s membership will be forfeited.

Privacy Policy

RAC-F will not use information about you without your permission and will provide the means for you to manage and control the information that you have provided. We will enable you to communicate your privacy concerns to us and ensure that we will respond to them appropriately. RAC-F does not disclose any personal information to advertisers and for other marketing and promotional purposes that could be used to personally identify you. Please see our Privacy Policy.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding our privacy policy you may contact us using the information below.

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