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When we planned 5 stations for phase 1, we wanted to strike a balance between reaching out to the outermost areas of IISc as well as serve locations where movement of people is high. In the last 2 weeks of operation, we saw that one of the stations hardly saw any usage and so, based on user feedback, we have shifted this station to a more popular location. The shifting of the rack, cycles and information boards was complete within 30 minutes and Rs. 200 and the station became immediately operational.

Shifting a rarely used station to a more popular location

Another instance where our flexibility let us serve a needy customer was when a high school student came over to one of our stations (also called node) and asked – “Aunty, I am late for my tuition class. Can I borrow a cycle?” The node manager thought for a second and decided to lend him a cycle by taking his phone number as a guarantee. He wanted to use the cycle beyond our working hours, so one of our node managers stayed back for an extra 30 mins so that the student could return the cycle after his classes. Of course, the student did pay for the hire but we were happy to be able to serve a needy student.

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