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We are about to launch a exciting Public Bicycle Sharing Project @ the University of Bangalore. This is an experiment that is happening for the first time in any university in India. A public bicycle sharing system is an increasingly popular system whereby bicycles are made available on a large scale in a city allowing people to have ready access to these public bicycles.

Now the time has come to get together and discuss about how we go about launching it in the university and making this experiment a success.

In this regard we are organizing a Workshop at the Central College on April 30th Saturday 2011. This is a great opportunity for brainstorming and finalizing the execution and management process. We will be discussing about Bicycle Sharing in the Context of Indian Cities . Possible Technologies that could be used and also a demonstration of the same. We believe for Bicycle Sharing to succeed in India more than technology and management the community and the people are the prime movers to make it a success. Our intention is to experiment and make this a success and share the technology, process etc as free and open source.

There is opportunity for everyone to participate and support this green initiative. If you are an Architect you can help us design the bicycle stations. If you are a Mechanical Engineer you can help us design a bicycle carrier. If you are a Electronics Engineer you can set up the solar panel for us. If you are a management student you can help us manage this small experiment.

Be the Pump for Namma Cycle and help us ride Namma Cycle.

So please join us for the  Community Workshop and let us pedal together for a greener campus.




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